You Found Us!

Cities from week to week are sometimes WAY too far apart to travel by RV. August 21st through the end of September, Kyle will travel by air to each of his events and Erin will stay in New England visiting with friends and family.

Kyle’s schedule?  NY to Seattle to Calgary to New Eng (week off) to Victoria to Pebble Beach to New England (week off).

Our house on wheels?  It’s parked at the manufacturer in Indiana.

Current Location Kyle: Massachusetts
Last Stop: Pebble Beach, CA
Next Stop: Cary, NC
RV travel miles year to date: 7585

The Latest . . .

We had to dodge our fair share of tornado watches and warnings during the first seven weeks on the road this season. Watches are never fun, but warnings coupled with city sirens going off are pretty scary.

Severe weather truly is the only thing we dislike about traveling the way we do, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. We prepare as well as we can and always remember: Safety First!

2017 Travel Season

Typically, the RV Resort in Arizona remains our home-base through March, then we’ll find ourselves rolling to a different city every week. We’ve yet to find a better spot to “winter” and you just can’t beat an Arizona Sunset!

We enjoyed our final weekend in Mesa in March and are now officially running on the road through October. First stop was Tucson – just a hop skip and a jump away – which was kind of nice for a change.

Here’s a look at 2017 to date:

Some locations we flew to (noted on map pins) when there wasn’t enough time to drive between events, or when we are parked in Arizona.

We logged in over 15,000 miles 2016! We were lucky enough to visit a few new places in 2016 and are now looking forward to what lies ahead for 2017.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” -Helen Keller