A Day On The Lake

Just another reason we love our life on the road.

Once, while staying at a state park in Ohio for the week, we were simply out for a nice long walk when we met a fellow RVer who made our day!

As we were chatting, he welcomed us into his campsite on the water, and he almost immediately invited us to take his kayaks out for a spin. We hadn’t even exchanged names yet and this nice man was happy to tell two strangers to help ourselves!


The funny thing was, at the time Kyle & I had been seriously talking about buying a couple of kayaks because there are so many awesome places we visit where we’d be able to take them out. It wasn’t a purchase we could just run out and make because we first had to figure out how we could carry them on the road. We needed some type of racking system that would work with our truck & fifth-wheel. At any rate, it’s something we were excited about, so getting to kayak that day was a fun surprise!

We found ourselves being reminded of a big part of what we love about our life on the road – it’s the people we meet along the way.

38x12__ADayOnTheLake2We took Stan up on his offer and headed out in the afternoon. We mostly paddled along the shoreline, checked out a few coves and pulled up on a little beach to relax for a bit. It was a perfect afternoon – beautiful blue skies, water and air temperatures just right and a nice breeze that gave us a little bit of a workout.

Stan also gave some advice on the different sizes & styles of kayaks to help us know what type might work best for us. We left Ohio with some homework to do, but we planned on adding kayaks to to our program in 2016! We are happy to say that this became our new reality and we’re now traveling with 2 kayaks (& 2 beach cruisers to boot!)

Kayaking.com  &  AllAboutRivers.com have since become two of our new favorite sites – we’ve now been racking up the miles on the water since April and we’re always excited for the next!


“Rivers know this: There is no hurry. We shall get there some day.”  – Winnie the Pooh

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