The Bedroom – A Look Inside

It’s where the magic happens…

*Insert imagination here*

The true magic is in making our 10′ x 12′ (with the slides open) bedroom work for us!


We love our cozy little bedroom, but it did take a lot of planning!

There are so many different types of RVs to choose from, and because we knew we were planning to move into ours FULL-TIME, it was worth it to us to be patient and truly think about how we planned to use our space.

We spent the better part of ONE YEAR working with the manufacturer to have a fifth-wheel built to our specifications and it really paid off! One MAJOR ADVANTAGE to opting for a fifth-wheel vs. a motorhome is the 7′ CEILING HEIGHT in the bedroom.


The extra “vanity slide-out” also gives us extra wiggle room that makes a BIG DIFFERENCE! We gained a nice wide walkway (just under 4′) between the bed and the bank of drawers. And, the drawers afford a lot of storage space – but staying organized is key!

Kyle isn’t allowed to use any of the drawers – he’s got his own closet!  We’ve also got lots of other storage space in the bedroom not shown in this post (we’ll save that for later!)

  • Large storage space underneath our King Size Bed – including 2 deep drawers that I fill with shoes, scarfs & bags.
  • 5 good sized overhead cabinets we use to store books and other personal items.
  • A large custom closet (just under 6’T x 3’D x 4.5’W) we opted to fill with built-ins for Kyle’s clothes, shoes, hanging space and other storage (we opted out of a washer & dryer to gain this space – hello laundromat!).

Most fifth-wheels have a main closet built in at the front of the rig. We’ve found them to be difficult to utilize and most are not so attractive to look at. Having doors “wall off” the front section of the bedroom from floor to ceiling (and at least 3′ in depth) really closes the bedroom down, making it feel smaller overall.

We opted to eliminate that main closet  and instead, had the area finished with a cedar back wall & two open shelving built-ins to the left and right sides of the space. Other than carpeting and having outlets installed where we specified, the area was left completely empty by the manufacturer.
This allowed us to shop for a dresser and other home furnishings that are more suited to our style and are uniquely ours!


The biggest question the ladies ask me is, “Where do you keep all of your clothes?”

The dresser we found really helps! It’s a large piece measuring 40″W x 46″H x 20″D. Jeans & Slacks can be folded in 1/2 and stacked – shirts & sweaters are all folded a specific way so every square inch of the dresser is utilized and I can pack a lot in!


Our primary goal was to create a HOME that we could fill with memories (not stuff!) along the way. We also garner every little bit of space to make our day-to-day life as comfortable as it can be! We love our cozy bedroom, have all the “comforts of home” and it truly is our very special retreat.


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  – Leonardo da Vinci