Staying Fit Should Be Fun!

So, how do we make fitness a priority?

Full-time RV life can be relaxing, but not so much for us. We’re making the move to the next stop just about every seven days which is a pretty hectic pace!

We try to keep things from getting stale!
Maintaining a gym membership while traveling can be a challenge, but for us it’s a WIN!-WIN! We’d rather be outside any day of the week!

2016__Photos_StayingFit1Pilates, walking, running & lifting weights are routines that travel with us and you can do a lot with a good pair of running shoes! We take (brisk!) walks every day and love to enjoy a good hike when we can. Jumping jacks & jumping rope can be done anywhere ( including rest stops!) and though neither is as easy to do as they were when we were kids… both give us a good workout!

It’s alarming sometimes how fast the weeks zip by while we’re on the road – so it’s super important we make time to focus on our health each and every day. Some days we do better than others but we’re always on the lookout for new ideas to keep the routine from getting stale. We also look to many places for inspiration to keep us motivated.

Here’s a couple you might like along with a couple workouts you can do anywhere:

  • Shape : It’s a lifestyle – great fitness tips and a whole lot more! Here’s a 30 minute routine that will kick your butt! >> Circuit Training

“Exercise in the morning before your brain figures out what you’re doing!”  -Anonymous