Smile! It’s Friday the 13th!

Since 13 seems to be significant, let’s start with a few numbers:

  • 13:  The date we began traveling full-time together.
  • 13:  Also our wedding anniversary date!
  • 6:  The number of years we have been living in our RV.
  • 6:  Also the number of months we spend running on the road each year.
  • 48:  Number of states we have visited.
  • 15:  Number of Major League Baseball fields we’ve visited.
  • 120,000:  Approx number of miles we’ve driven.

So, Six years ago on this very day we said goodbye to traditional life as we knew it and hit the road in our new little house on wheelson Friday the 13th none the less! The house had been sold, most everything in it had been donated and we were committed. We really didn’t care that it was Friday the 13th, we were just psyched to get going! 🙂

We would no longer have a house in Arizona to come back to. I remember that being my biggest fear at the time… I thought, “Where will we now call home?” We were both excited for our new life, but that was a very real fear of mine at the time. It’s funny the things you remember. I also remember my Mom & Dad taking the above photo of us like it was yesterday! Hard to believe it’s already been six years! A typical year now finds us spending 6 months running on the road – moving just about every week – then we set up stakes for 6 months at ViewPoint RV Resort in Arizona.

I think of all the memories we’ve collected, how thankful I am for everything we have and get to experience and how we wouldn’t change any of it! Seeing friends and family along the way is by far THE BEST PART about our crazy lifestyle! 🙂

In the beginning, I quickly came to find that I did not miss the house AT ALL and we truly do simply “feel at home” wherever we are. People ask us all the time what our favorite place is to visit. Our answers have changed over the years and I think we’ve now settled on, “wherever we are!” 🙂

I will say, Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park was by far one of our favorite stops along the way! Texas is our least favorite state to drive through and other than Interstate 10 in the Southeast, the Northeast has the absolute worst roads! 🙁

Some things we’ve learned:

  • There is a MASSIVE community of full-time RVers (so we’re not so crazy after all!)
  • Home really is where the heart is!
  • You truly can live a comfortable life in a small space.
  • There are amazing people who are willing to lend a hand everywhere we go and we’ve been lucky enough to meet many of them.
  • RV Roadside service is a worthy investment!
  • Full-time RVing is like living on vacation – this can be good (fun!) and bad (distracting!) since we’re still working 🙂
  • Spending money on experiences is way more rewarding than buying more stuff.

Funny questions we get asked A LOT:

  • Do you have a shower?
  • Do you have a washer and dryer?
  • Do you eat out all the time?
  • Where did you put all your stuff?
  • How do you watch TV?
  • What’s the longest you’ve driven in one day?
  • What do you get for gas mileage?

As much as things have changed for us over the last six years, a lot has remained the same. We started our journey on the road together in 2012 as “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.” We got engaged in September of 2012 and closed out 2014 as HUSBAND & WIFE!

Through it all, Kyle remains the most dedicated worker I know even though his job is ever evolving. I’m lucky enough to still get to do my design work, and now I am even more excited to be building a freedom driven life through health and wellness! I’m thankful for everything I am learning and the people I have been able to connect with while growing my new business on the road.

We’re still always excited for what the next week will bring. I’m writing this while sitting in Atlanta. In two days, we’ll be in Mississippi, then on to the next! #LifeOnTheRoad is an ongoing adventure filled with ups and downs and lessons to be learned. We’re just two people embracing this wonderful life filled with random mis-adventures!

Where will your next adventure take you??

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.”  -Rumi