Safety First

Weather warnings on the road are SCARY! What should you do to ensure you’re prepared?

We’ve certainly had our fair share of weather warnings while traveling, but we’re grateful we’ve managed to stay behind or just in front of the most severe storms along the way.

38x12__SafetyFirstHow do we do it ?

  1. Route plan in place: We use GPS, a Road Atlas & have back up options/plans in place.
  2. Weather check prior to departure: National Weather ServiceThe Weather Channel
  3. Weather checks along the way for longer drives, or if driving in known storm warning areas: SiriusXM Travel Link

We are always mindful of Mother Nature and just how powerful she can be!

We plan ahead as much as we can and make alternate arrangements when necessary… This may mean we change our departure time, choose a longer route to drive, or pull over to a safe place to wait out a storm. Sometimes just plain luck is on our side!

A delay is better than a disaster any day of the week!

Once, we were able to adjust our travel plans to leave New Orleans a day earlier than planned. We left town, then this happened on the very bridge we crossed over  >>  Strong Storms Hit New Orleans

“Sometimes mother nature decides to throw you a curve ball.”  – Charles Bronson

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