Our Story

He’s a PGA Tour Caddie. She’s a Graphic Designer/Marketer.
We’re full-time RVers working from the road and traveling the country in our custom outfitted RV. Making healthy choices can be difficult wherever you find yourself,  but our health is our greatest asset, that’s why we are so happy  we found the 30 Days Nutrition Challenge!

Why RVing?

Well, for us, we started humbly but with a grand plan to simplify our life.  Kyle was already traveling for work from January through October each year, so we thought, “What the heck? Let’s sell the house & hit the road full-time!” 🙂

Not  a decision we made quickly or took lightly, but once we decided to take the leap – we put the wheels in motion to make our dream a reality!  Our new “American Dream” became one without a mortgage or lots of stuff weighing us down. We spent a good year planning for our New Life on The Road which included everything from planning to sell our residential house to having a Custom Fifth Wheel built to our specifications.

We sold our house in February of 2012 and hit the road full-time that March.  The only regret we have so far is that we didn’t start this adventure sooner!

People ask all the time, “How do you do it?”  We both still work! Kyle’s profession primarily dictates where we roll to each week and I’m fortunate enough to work remotely! He’s a PGA Tour Caddie. I’m a Graphic Designer/Marketer.

Considering full-time RV life?

Realize it will be a major lifestyle shift and Do Your Research!

  • What type of RV is best suited for you?
  • Can you afford to travel full-time?
  • Can you handle sharing limited space?
  • Do you need a storage unit for belongings you won’t carry with you?
  • How will you receive your mail?
  • Do you have a travel plan in mind?
  • Do you have a back-up plan if you find the lifestyle is not for you?

“Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.”