Our New Life On The Road

How It All Began

Kyle learned early on, in his chosen profession as a caddie on the PGA Tour – which calls for him to be in a different city each week – booking flights, renting cars & staying in hotels every week was not for him.

He purchased his first fifth-wheel in 1996 and hit the road that year in his little house on wheels. Living out of hotels, eating out for every meal and packing a suitcase every week became distant memories.

Kyle’s 2nd Fifth-wheel: 2003-2011

Kyle purchased his 2nd fifth-wheel in 2003 and still loves every minute of RV Travel to this day! I was settled into my life in Arizona when we began dating so we logged thousands of airline miles flying to visit each other. More often than not, I would fly to visit Kyle in whichever city he was working that week. Or, if he had a week off work, we would pick a fun place to visit along his route. Why have Kyle fly back to visit Arizona in the summer, when we could choose somewhere else to explore together?!

Fast forward to 2010…. we began seriously talking about how we could set ourselves up for me to travel full-time with Kyle; realizing we had spent far more time in the RV than we did in the house we owned in Arizona. I had been working as a freelance graphic designer for a few years at that point, so fortunately I wasn’t tied down geographically.

So we eventually said,“What the heck? – Let’s do this!”

We wrote out a monster to-do list and began checking things off as quickly as we could.  First and foremost, it was time to  purchase a new RV.  We spent a LOT of time talking about what we each wanted and we looked at as many RVs as we could.  We ultimately decided on an Elite Suites by DRV Luxury Suites.  We then worked with the manufacturer for the better part of a year to have a Custom Fifth-Wheel built to our specifications.

We worked tirelessly to prepare for our new life on the road, so it was really important to us that we would love our new little home.  Though it took a lot of work, making the decision to pull up stakes & sell our house (& most of the stuff that was in it!) was more of mind-shift than anything.  We miss nothing about owning a house and have truly found that “home really is where the heart is!”

The day we left AZ in our new home on wheels: 2012

We have absolutely been blessed! We picked up our new 2012 RV in the summer of 2011, sold our house in record time and hit the road in the spring of 2012 – on Friday the 13th none-the-less! We are so very fortunate to enjoy a lifestyle we love so much while we are still working. #LifeOnTheRoad

“Home is where we park it.”