Why “38×12” ?

It’s a conversation starter for sure!

When we began this life-changing adventure, naturally we wanted a creative way to catalog the journey so we had to come up with a name to use for blogging, social media and all the rest.

We’re certainly not the first couple to pack it all in and hit the road full-time, so we found a lot of the cool (& obvious) names were already taken 🙁


“38×12” is quite simply our living space.

That’s right – 456 square feet and we have everything we need! Our RV is just under 40′ long, but inside measures closer to a little over 38′. With the slides open (those little moveable “pop out” rooms) we’re about 12.5′ wide, but we thought “38×12” had the best ring to it!

This is our version of The American Dream!

“Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.”  – Gustave Flaubert