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Full-time RVing not only requires downsizing your stuff, but getting creative is the key! Organization has always been somewhat of a hobby for me, so figuring out how to fit our life into less than 500 square feet was a super cool challenge to say the least!

One advantage we gave ourselves was taking the time to have our fifth-wheel built to our specifications, so we knew ahead of time what we planned to do with our space. Even so, after living in our new rig for the first year, we tweaked quite a bit and found new ways to best utilize our space, once we learned what our day-to-day was actually like.

Since I work remotely, my office is an essential piece of real estate in our fifth-wheel. I love the overhead cabinets – most RVers are familiar with these.

We have 7 which I claim for my “office.”


The downside (and also the upside!) is 5 of the cabinets are all open to each other – essentially one long open space hidden behind 5 cabinet doors. My solution? Containers & bins! Everything is labeled and everything stays put while we drive. The added bonus . . . because it’s one long open space, I gain a couple of inches between each of the “cabinets” that would otherwise be lost if the space was sectioned off.


Some other tips & tricks we use that help us to easily transform our RV into a home every week when we set up:

Light-weight picture frames secured to walls with command strips:  They stay put while we drive, so we don’t have to store them and they’re easy to remove to update photos.

Designated empty bins stored in cabinets are ready to hold all of our extra stuff: Candles, standing frames, books, table lights, kitchen supplies and more. All have a specific nesting spot when we drive and help us to create our “home” when we’re parked.

Containers for pantry items allow us to stretch the limited pantry space. We unload groceries as soon as we get home. Food stays fresh, doesn’t move while we drive and… we save all paper boxes & packaging for campfires!

Shopping is also a breeze because we can see what we need at a glance!



No matter the size space you have to work with, getting organized is just plain good for you! Some of our favorite sites for inspiration and the containers we use:

The Container Store


I Heart Organizing

A Bowl Full of Lemons



“Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project.”  – Meagan Francis

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