Blowouts Should Only Happen In The Salon!

I used to love the idea of a good blowout – until this happened

We had a tire blowout on the dually!


We were cruising along on Interstate 10 somewhere between San Antonio and Houston on a perfectly beautiful day – then BAM! Followed by bump – ba – bump- ba – bump …

In all the years Kyle has traveled pulling fifth-wheels, with 3 different dually trucks, he never had a blowout before, so it was quite a shock!

Here’s how it went –

2016__Photos_Blowout2STEP 1
Pull to a safe place & unhitch trailer from truck.

Get the wifey a chair so she can watch the show.

Assess the damage, set truck up on bottle jack, remove tires and debris.

Then the real fun started . . . Turns out, removing the spare was the most time consuming part of the process! We found out the hard way we needed to use a lock tool (spare tire key) that was hidden away in the glove compartment to “unlock” the spare.


Kyle still kept us laughing through the entire ordeal!

Fortunately, we have an air compressor on board, so he fired up the generator and filled the spare to the right pressure. He installed the spare, double checked his work, then it was time to clean up the mess & re-hook up the fifth-wheel so we could get back on the road!

Sometimes the shortest trips end up being the longest!

Once we were back on the road and had a chance to talk about what happened – we were even more shocked. We had 6 new tires installed less than 20k miles earlier and Kyle routinely maintains the tires, checks pressure etc. This really had us puzzled.

When we got to Houston, we contacted a local Discount Tire Store (company we purchased tires from). They had us bring in the blown out tire (which showed the entire tread had just peeled away) and sold us a replacement tire at a pro-rated rate (since tire hadn’t aged).


They also started a claim for us to address the damage the blowout caused to the truck, as we were sure the tire was faulty. Other than waiting to hear back on the claim, we figured this was the end of the story…

Fast forward six weeks.

We were on our way to South Carolina, having just left Indiana, when we heard the same sounds we heard in Texas … BAM! Followed by bump – ba – bump- ba – bump …

We looked at each other in disbelief! What the heck was going on??! We pulled over and found the same rear dually tire had blown.

We didn’t have nearly as much fun changing this tire as we did when we were in Texas. Kyle was (understandably!) all business – changed the tire out & got us on our way in record time. Once we were back on the road, we immediately called the Discount Tire location in Arizona where we purchased the original six new tires. Kyle explained what had been happening and expressed our fear that it was now going to continue to happen. No one wants to get a flat tire, but when we’re driving our “house” from state to state each week for work, we REALLY can’t be worried about blowing tires on every drive! We also don’t have the luxury of running down the street to one particular location, as we’re on the move for 6 months each year.

So, we now had one blown out tire sitting at a Houston location being processed for a claim, another one going to Greer, SC and we wouldn’t be returning to Arizona for another 5 or 6 months. We spoke to the branch manager, Gabriel, in Airzona and he immediately offered up a solution. He asked us to find a Discount Tire location wherever we were headed next that would be convenient for us to visit. He told us that he would work with whichever location we chose to have 6 new tires installed at no charge to us!

We have been loyal Discount Tire customers for many years – purchasing tires for 4 vehicles over the past 10 years and have always been happy with the service we receive. Gabriel, at the Mesa location took service to an entirely new level and reminded us we are in good hands!

The Greer, SC location was also wonderful to work with. They ordered the new tires, made an appointment for us and quickly changed out the tires when we brought the truck in. It took some time to not panic every time we hit a bump on the road, but we eventually got over it. Steady-as-she-goes!

Since then, we’ve put thousands of miles between us and this memory! Kuddos to Discount Tire! A great company that we’re proud to tell others about!

“A bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can’t go anywhere until you change it.”  – Anonymous