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Water softeners such as WaterBoss removes minerals through a process called ion exchange. See the Water Softeners page to learn more about the WaterBoss model 700 and 900. You can find contact details for WaterBoss above.. ComplaintsBoard.com is an independent complaint resolution platform that has been successfully voicing consumer concerns … >> Click Here to Check the Latest Price of WaterBoss 700 << WaterBoss 900 36400 Grain Water Softener. Initial WaterBoss complaints should be directed to their team directly. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with WaterBoss Customer Service. Although the WaterBoss 900 requires little user maintenance, it is important to program the WaterBoss 900 with settings tailored to … I installed a Waterboss 900 about 18 months ago and am very satisfied with it. WaterBoss 700 has the capacity to treat 70 grains of hard minerals per gallon. These have a finite life and will eventually require replacement if the advertised performance capabilities of this device are to be maintained. It can produce softened water of up to 90 grains per gallon. Water Softeners and Air Filtration Systems - Waterboss 900 Issues - Ok - I moved into my house last June. Salt … Soft water isn't a huge priority to us, but there is a Water Boss 900 in the basement that Waterboss 900 Issues - DoItYourself.com Community Forums Additionally, a bypass valve has been incorporated to expand the shelf-life of the device. WaterBoss 900 offers the capacity of 36,400 grains, which makes this unit of ideal size for usage by large families or if the water is really hard. Looking for quiet and efficient water softerner for your big family? Customer Support: 800-437-8993 Search for: The WaterBoss 900 Water Softener is a large capacity, whole-house unit that softens water by removing dissolved calcium and magnesium. Buy Waterboss Water Softener Model 900 that removes extreme hardness WaterBoss Softener Owner’s Manual 3/17/2020 2 . A WaterBoss water filter or water treatment system means better tasting drinking water, silkier skin and hair, and softer, brighter fabrics! It’s a high usage model that has the largest capacity among the WaterBoss water softeners. For years I have fought with my WaterBoss 900IF iron filter (I imagine the water softeners have the exact same problem). Positives: installation is well documented and simple, very efficient salt usage, regeneration cycles are amazingly quick, customer support is very knowledgeable, has been issue free since installation. WaterBoss 900 is an ultimate hard water solution for large families. The resin in your WaterBoss acts like a magnet to attract the hard elements in water. You can also read more on the Water Softener Filters page. WaterBoss Models 700 and 900 water softeners treat most common water well problems such as sediment, hardness, and iron, which protects your home from scale build up and staining. 14. Water hardness consists of calcium and magnesium content in water.

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