30 Days to Healthy Living – Weeks 3-4

Well, I can honestly say I did more than just survive! 

I have completey adapted the 30 Days to Healthy Living Plan as my new norm!

And, why wouldn’t I . . . ??

🙂  Arbonne provided TONS of support!

🙂  It was (& still is!) SUPER EASY!

🙂  I have a ridiculous amount of ENERGY!

🙂  I feel AMAZING!!!

The short term goal is to commit to the 30 Day Plan to jump-start a healthier lifestyle. The goal is not to starve or permanently deprive ourselves of food and drinks we may enjoy.

The plan is designed to help eliminate toxins, support overall digestive health and sort of hit the “reset” button on your health.

Long term, the goal is to continue on the path of eating healthy foods as close to their original source as possible and everything in moderation.

I have chosen to continue living the “30 Days” plan as a lifestyle because it completely changed my health from the inside out! Knowing I am working to keep my gut-health in check naturally is a also a major plus!

I continue to use the MyFitnessPal app which makes it super easy to track your nutrition day to day. For the most part we rotate about 2.5 weeks worth of recipes from week to week. We found the supplements, foods and recipes we like best so meal planning is now quite simple.

This took the most time during the first week we made all of the initial changes – which did seem a little overwhelming. Now, the grocery and market runs along with placing our orders for Arbonne’s Nutrition Products are all pretty well streamlined. It’s truly our new norm!

Take the leap! Your future self will thank you!!

Recipes & Nutritional Info & Results

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”  – C.S. Lewis

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