2017 Travel Adventures

Last Stop: New England

Final Stop: Arizona
2017 MILES DRIVEN MARCH 13 – OCTOBER 07: 12,221

We had to dodge our fair share of tornado watches and warnings during the first seven weeks on the road last season. Watches are never fun, but warnings coupled with city sirens going off are pretty scary.

Severe weather truly is the only thing we dislike about traveling the way we do, but we wouldn’t change it for anything. We prepare as well as we can and always remember: Safety First!

The 2017 travel season may have had a bumpy start, but it also afforded us the opportunity to spend some extra quality time with friends and family along the way! Cities from week to week are sometimes WAY too far apart to travel by RV. So… from August 21st through the end of September, Kyle traveled by air to each of his events and Erin stayed in New England visiting with friends and family 🙂

Kyle’s end of season schedule?  Pretty hectic stretch! He flew from NY to Seattle to Calgary to New England  (week off) to Victoria to Pebble Beach, then back to New England (week off).

Our house on wheels?  It was parked at the manufacturer in Indiana for the weeks we were away. We picked it up at the end of September then drove to our winter home base in Arizona where we set up stakes until the following March.

Here’s a look at the places we visited:

Some places are repeats – on drives to and from events. A few others are locations we flew to (noted on map pins) when there wasn’t enough time to drive between events, or when we were parked in Arizona.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”  -Confucius